'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime'

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This was exactly what happened to me one day; I went to the shop at Subang Jaya, just to buy a few things. The cue was already stretching up to the back, so granted it was busy, but one guy just popped in between me and the young girl in front of me. Now I can see him. He can see me. Why did he decide to jump right in front of me? I hate being nice sometimes. You don't get any extra help with life being nice. This behaviour is so rude, ignorant, selfish, disdainful....... it just make me wonder why such pea brain still do exist.
I don't like this kind of people. Today is not his day... and more than happy I explain to him that he has jumped a queue. I then tell the cashier that she is about to serve a queue jumper. Suddenly, I just create the attention of everybody. That cue jumper start to look around and feel uncomfortable when everybody looks at him and some say something at the back, I cant remember. What he did........ quickly he just left his stuff next to the counter and left the shop immediately. Good for you (padan muka hang), I just win this battle, serve you right. What I just want to say here, if everybody can start to speak up and say something to this kind of people, we can make sure this species of rude people disappear from our life. 

Malaysians in general have a lot to learn where manners and behaviour is concerned. Whether it is queue jumping on the road or waiting for a bus or not giving seats for the elderly and pregnant women or throwing rubbish in the drains and on the roads and not to forget beating the traffic lights and so many other things too many to list here. Most Malaysians in general need a lot of civics education.

Peace be with you.

-See You When I See You-

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